These 2 ingredients will aide you get rid of ear infections & earwax. This is how you can treat these problems

In a hypertonic nasal spray, the concentration of salt (sodium chloride) exceeds the concentration in your tissues. When you spray this saline solution in your nose, the nasal mucous membranes become unclogged and deflated. Sputum is also drained and the Eustachian tube is freed from its obstruction.

Hypertonic spray is effective in inflammation of the mucous membrane during infectious attacks or allergic rhinitis. Make 3 sprays daily in each nostril.

Inhalation of wet essential oils
Wet inhalation with radioactive eucalyptus is helpful if your eustachian tubes are congested with phlegm during nasopharyngeal infections.

Pour into an inhaler (available at pharmacies) or into a bowl of boiling water.
Add 3 drops of eucalyptus radiata essential oil.

Breathe into an inhalation mask or put your head under a towel, close your eyes, and inhale the vapors 10 cm from the bowl.
Repeat wet inhalation morning, noon and evening.

Do not go out for 30 minutes after inhaling, as heat and cold may increase infection.