Stuffed Cheddar Bay Biscuit with a Lemon butter


°Cheddar Pie stuffed biscuit


°Southern biscuit flour




°garlic powder

°Butter ghee

°Cut butter ghee into flour

°4-inch springform pan (optional)

Add yogurt cheese and garlic powder and mix.

°crab cake

°Lumped crab (reserve some for stuffing)

°Cajun seasoning

°garlic powder

°onion powder



°crushed crackers

* Instructions :

Mix mayonnaise, mustard, cajun, garlic powder and onion powder to make a paste

Fold in lump crab and crushed biscuits

Cook the crab cake for 2 minutes on each side. (I shaped mines into a ball so I turned mine over so all sides were slightly cooked and browned.)

Take the cookie dough and put it in your hand. Shape it like a bowl, add some shredded crab, crab cake and more crab on top of that. Finish the top with more cookie dough and make sure all sides are covered with cookie dough. Put it in a springform pan and bake.

Pan form spring optional. You can put the dough directly on a baking sheet and bake, but I made these biscuits larger than regular biscuits, so I needed to use a springform mold to help keep the shape. This is completely optional.

I baked mine in my 360 degree air fryer for about 13 minutes

Put lemon butter and garlic on top

Enjoy !