Broccoli Cheese Balls

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the sunshine for the past few days because the temperatures are dropping this week.
We can almost get the Balls  out one last time (after our first barbecues this weekend! Find out what's wrong!).
One thing is for sure, the minions here are crazy about cheese. You can even ask Mini Miss what her favorite cheese is, and she'll proudly say, "Smelly cheese!
In fact, it's so simple, if you want my kids to be in your pocket, just serve up cheese, sausage, chocolate, bread and there, you'll be the king of the world in their eyes (real chauvinists in the end, ahahahaha! )
In all of this, I am a veggie eater, my job is always to find a solution to cooking veggies. Broccoli is in the spotlight here.
Idea of ​​the day: meatballs that can be eaten with your fingers, to be dipped in tomato sauce and a cheese surprise that goes inside. They loved this!

* ingredients :

°300 grams of broccoli florets
°1 egg
°1 leek
°100 grams of breadcrumbs
°50 gm parmesan cheese
°salt pepper
°1 tablespoon dried oregano
°10 cubes of komati le cheese

* instructions :

to comrade
 Wash and sort the broccoli florets
Put them in the inner buddy basket
Pour 700ml of water into the utility tank
Put the steamer basket on, close it and "steam" for 10 minutes (with lid) programmed.
Check the ripeness of the broccoli
Remove the steam basket and empty the water
Place the super blade in the bowl and mix the broccoli on speed 12 for 30 seconds (scrape sides after 15 seconds)
Change to a kneading milling knife
Peel and chop shallots
Pour all the other ingredients into the bowl except the cheese cubes
In manual mode, program Speed ​​8 for 2 minutes
Form balls in your wet hands and insert the cheese cubes inside
Close the croquette well and place it on a baking sheet
Repeat process to you run out dough.
Grease the meatballs with olive oil
Bake for 15 minutes in an oven preheated to 180°C

Enjoy !