Blackberry Cobbler

Do you know a cobbler? Rest assured that we will not offer you Cooking Cobbler, an English translation of cobbler....but a family dessert that comes to us from the USA. If the cobbler has a layer of fruit covered with biscuit, it is not to be confused with a brittle, in fact the biscuit layer is not crumbly and soft. Small specialty cake dough is laid out with a spoon in small piles. Our cobbler today will be blueberries.

* Ingredients: 4 people

°400 grams of blueberries
°20 to 40g of sugar depending on the acidity of the fruit or half if you use fructose
°2 tablespoons cornstarch
°8 cl of orange juice
°1 large egg
°120 gm soft butter
°70g of sugar or 35g of fructose
°90g flour or sourdough flour + 1/2 tsp. 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
°pinch of salt
°1/2 tsp. 1 teaspoon liquid vanilla

* Preparation:

Heat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius.

If using individual bowls, mix blueberries, 20 grams of sugar, orange juice, and cornstarch in a bowl and divide the fruit into your bowls. Otherwise, do it directly in the baking tray and set aside.

In a salad bowl, beat the sugar and butter by hand or with an electric mixer until a foamy mixture is obtained. While whisking, add the eggs and vanilla, then the flour little by little, baking powder and salt. You get a fairly thick mixture.

Put spoonfuls of pasta on the fruit and do not try to spread the dough. Bake for 20 minutes, the biscuits should be golden in color and the fruits rich in juiciness. Enjoy your luscious blueberry filling by adding a spoonful of fresh cream and pampering yourself.

Enjoy !