Discover this DIY derusting with 2 simple ingredients! -After seeing what she does, I will never clean my pots and pans the same way again!

Gentle wash
When using the pan for the first time, run a piece of tissue paper moistened with oil over the bottom before washing and drying it. Repeat this step from time to time if you are used to putting the pan in the dishwasher to wash it.

When cooking, avoid overheating the pan and especially do not use any sharp kitchen utensils or metal such as forks or spoons to avoid scratching the coating. For flipping your food, prefer wooden spoons.

When finished cooking, immediately run the pan under cold water. To clean it, use non-abrasive sponges and dishwashing liquid so you don't scratch the pan. Wash the latter by wetting a sponge and adding a little washing up liquid.

What do you do if there are covered odors?
I cooked a fish and after cleaning the pan the smell is still very strong. Rub the peel with half a lemon. If that is not enough, do not hesitate to pour the lemon juice into the pan, then leave it for at least an hour. The odors are gone!

How do you save a burnt pan?
Blacks and spots are embedded in the bottom of the stove, and no matter how insistent you are, they won't go away. Before you lose, know that there is a very economical and effective product to clean a burnt pan easily: baking soda.

Instructions: Sprinkle the bottom of the pan and the most stained areas with baking soda. Pour 2 cm of water into the pan, then heat the water until it boils. Leave the product until the water has cooled. Then clean with dish soap and rinse. Goodbye, studded sediment, your stove is like new!

This trick works for a pan whose stain has dried for a few days. The film can also be easily removed in this case. This works with nonstick pans but also for stainless steel or ceramic pots as well as for soiled pots, pans, pots or casseroles.

Finally, know that to remove old residue that has been stuck to the bottom of the pan, white vinegar is again an effective and economical product. Continue in exactly the same way as with baking soda.