*The final stain remover that actually works on seriously set in stain ! Never buy oxyclean-again!*

The ultimate stain remover that's undoubtedly taking stain removal in earnest! Never buy Oxyclean again!

No doubt most people have encountered this situation: You've put on a brand-new T for the first time, and at the same time you're eating lunch, a huge ketchup spot inside the shirt falls right on the chest, peanut butter or pasta.  Regardless of the type of spot, it seems unsightly and it is difficult to delete.Did you understand that there are unusual types of stains and that everything requires unusual cleaning techniques to remove the stains? If you tried to remove the mustard stain easily, for example, with a break room cleaner, now you will not be able to get accurate results. Why is stain type important?

* you need:

° 1 tsp Bleuu Dawn Dishwashing Detergent.
° 2 teaspoons baking powder.
° 4 tsp-hydrogen-peroxide.

This blend is very easy & quick to prepare: only mix 3 ingredients in bowl to well mixed .

* Directions :

I took a disgusting stained blouse, poured one cup of hot water on the stain, then carried a mild raging mixture with a toothbrush to the old stairs, and let the group sit down for an hour, as I usually wash and iron
Enjoy !