Sprinkle salt all on house is why it tastes so good

Do you feel that peace and prosperity did not come to your home, even with a lot of effort, you still experience some negative emotions that can affect you in different ways, but did you know that adding salt to the corners of your home can make you super-rich and bring immense prosperity to your home ?

 ) Always keep a glass bowl filled with salt in the toilet, this will remove the vastu dosha from your home, both the salt shaker and the glass are things of God Rahu and help in removing negative energy from your home.

2. ) Scatter the salt around the corners of the house near frequently used doors or windows, you can even sprinkle a little salt on the carpet and leave it for an hour before vacuuming, it is important to leave the salt for a few days so that it acts as a magnet and removes any negative energy that may remain in the room.

 ) Sea salt removes negative energy in the house. For best results, add a little sea salt to the water used to scrub the floors.
4.) Sprinkle salt on the four corners of each room and leave for 48 hours. Next, wipe up the salt or vacuum it up and flush it down the toilet. This will bring prosperity.
5.) Spiders do no good to the house, so mix up a saltwater solution and spray it in areas where you suspect a nest.