Retro Jello Strawberry Pie

Easy Chunney Strawberry Pie is a summertime favorite! Made with frozen pie crust, jello, sparkling strawberries, and whipped cream !

Shawnee's Strawberry Pie genuinely tastes like summer. Filled with fresh candy strawberries in delicious gelatin. It's really very simple and comes out ideal each time !

* Ingredients :

° 1 frozen pie crust (nine inches) (or make your own)
° 1 cup water
° 1 cup granulated white sugar
° three tablespoons cornstarch
° half of cup strawberry gelatin powder (JELL-O)
° 1 liter sparkling strawberries (peeled and sliced)

* instructions :

Bake the pie crust earlier in step with the guidelines at package.
Cool to room temperature
If you're the use of Wham Bam Pie Crust, put together in step with directions, prick the whole interior of the pie crust and bake at four hundred F for 10-15 minutes, then permit to chill completely.  
Wash and get rid of the strawberries.
Then reduce it in half (or perhaps smaller relying on the scale of the berries).
In a saucepan on medium heat, adding water, sugar, cornstarch, also strawberry gelatin.
Beat jointly till properly blended.
Stir continuously even as heating to save you clumping or burning, till combination begins to boil gently.
Remove the pan from the warmth and allow the glaze cool.
I like to place the saucepan withinside the sink as I made a few ice water.
This will cool the glaze fast and permit it to set a bit more.
As the glaze cools, it turns into transparent in shadeation and also you need to note that it'll additionally thicken.
Whisk it once in a while because it cools. It will thicken however remains portable.
Add raspberry slices to the baked and cooled pie crust.
Pour the strawberry glaze over the berries.
Make positive to get it among the nooks and crannies of the berries as exceptional you can.
Chill the pie withinside the fridge at the least 2-three hours before serving.

Enjoy !