This technique is foolproof for preparing the finest medium rare prime rib. While you may adjust your spices to suit your tastes, the ingredients mentioned below work wonderfully well together. It is the technique of preparation that is important. 

No words can express how important it is that the roast is at room temperature before attempting this. If the meat is even slightly chilly in the midst of the roasting process, you will end up with a very rare roast. I only made this mistake once since I was concerned about leaving it out in the cold to get warm. Don't be concerned! Everything is going to be OK! I typically buy 4.5 to 5-pound roasts and leave them out of the fridge for at least 5 hours to ensure that they are at room temperature before cooking. Every every time, it turns out completely PERFECT and juicy. 

Using this recipe, you will be able to get a flawlessly pink prime rib that is cooked to a shade under medium-rare. You must have an oven that is large enough to accommodate this technique and that has a digital temperature setting that shows when it has been warmed. Cooking temperatures in older ovens with manual settings may fluctuate significantly, and the doors may not be properly insulated.


– Prime rib roast, I prefer to use a medium-sized rib. 

And to season it, you'll need: 

– Garlic powder.

– Sea salt. 

– freshly cracked black Pepper. 


– 1st Step: To start the preparation, set the temperature of your oven at 550 degrees Fahrenheit. 

– 2nd Step: Secondly, make a rub out of salt, pepper, and garlic powder and spread it all over the meat before cooking it. 

– 3rd Step: Then, place the meat in a shallow roasting pan, fat side up, and roast for 30 minutes. 

– 4th Step: And now, you need to roast at 550 degrees for around 6 minutes per pound for MEDIUM, and of course for 7 minutes per pound for WELL DONE, depending on how rare you want it. 

– 5th Step: When the cooking time is completed, turn off the oven and DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN DOOR FOR TWO HOURS. 

– 6th Step: After 2 hours, take the meat from the oven and slice it; it will come out perfectly every single time. 

With roast beef, the procedure is the same. You will not be disappointed if you give it a try, and please share it with your friends too!! It's a must-have recipe!!!