Marinated Cucumbers, Onions, & Tomatoes

Cucumber salad additionally tomato salad is a classic, light, bloodless and really fresh salad. This smooth salad is made with sliced ​​cucumbers and juicy tomatoes and garnished with sliced ​​purple onions and bitter vinegar.

Serve cucumber, onion, and tomato salad along grilled or grilled meat or fish, along with marinated beef, hen kebabs, grilled salmon, or red meat tenderloin.

* Ingredients :

° Three medium-sized cucumbers, peeled and reduce into 1/four-inch-thick slices
° 1 onion, sliced ​ 
° Three medium-sized tomatoes, sliced
° Half a cup of vinegar
° 1/4 cup sugar
° 1 cup water
° 2 teaspoons salt
° 1 teaspoon coarsely floor black pepper
° 1/4 cup oil

 * instructions:

1) Peel and reduce the cucumbers into 1/four-inch-thick slices, then slice the onions and separate them into rings, then lessen the tomatoes into slices and toss them in a large mixing bowl. 

2) Add half of cup vinegar, half of sugar, 1 cup water, 2 teaspoons salt, black pepper, and oil.
3) Stir the mixture additionally, placed your salad in a jar, allow it rest for 1-2 hours, serve

Enjoy !