Healthy Pickled Beets

This healthful, sugar-free five-ingredient pickled beet is a flexible aspect dish for the superfood. Packed with goodness, beets are actually a vegetable we need to feature to our food regimen regularly, and that is a healthful and smooth manner to do it. A little bit of a mess, yes, however it is really well worth it!If you have a little time, I will have a good time. Five ingredients healthy pickled beets made from apple cider vinegar and sugar-free!In less than an hour in the kitchen, you may have been pickling beets for several weeks.

I'm absolutely keen on beets, we name it beetroot wherein I come from, however I do not trust calling it beets... It looks as if a pleasant call to them.

* Ingredients :

° 10 lb (4.five kg) bag of beets
° 625 ml (2 12 cups) vinegar
° 180 ml of water
° 375 ml (1 12 cups) brown sugar

* Directions :

Peel the beetroot, save the skin and a small tuber.Separate the big beets from the small beets.Put the large beets in a large pan and the small beets in another pan.Fill each pot with water and bring to a boil. Simmer till tender, 1 hour half-hour for huge beets and 1 hour for small beets. Remove from heat. Strain and go away to cool.

Pressure-cooker beets also can be cooked in small (2cm - 3/4") water.The big beet takes 21 minutes and the small beet takes 15 minutes.Put on gloves and peel the beets and cut them into thin slices or cubes.Put the beets in a jar preheated to 65°C in the oven.

To put together the marinade, bring vinegar, water, and brown sugar to a boil. Boil for 5 mins.Pour the boiling liquid on the jar and close the lid immediately. 

Enjoy !