There is not a great deal that might be less difficult than french fries and onions at the stove. First, you will need to collect your gadget and components.

I choose a heavy skillet (a 9-inch forged iron skillet is nicely seasoned). Do now no longer use a non-stick pan for this task.
 Olive oil isn't always the high-satisfactory oil for this job. Vegetable oil works due to its excessive burning point.

Salt and Pepper
Potatoes and onions
This is!
The fundamental trouble with potatoes is that they may be sticky. They like to paste to the pan. Follow my recipe for the recommendations and hints you locate beneath the recipe and you may have the high-satisfactory risk with out crunchy, scrumptious fried potatoes and onions.  

* Ingredients :

° Enough peanut oil to moisten the complete backside of the pan
° 2 tsps candy un-salted butter 
° 1 pound Idaho Russet or purple potatoes (I like Reds - however it's only a private preference)
° salt water
° Medium candy onion like Vidalia
° Salt and pepper to taste
° Garnished with candy pepper and sparkling basil

* instructions :

Place a heavy 9-inch forged iron skillet over medium warmth (only a little extra than medium at the stovetop).
Pour the oil into the pan and upload the butter as nicely. Let it warmth till the oil is glistening at the surface - now no longer smoking - if it begins offevolved to smoke, put off from warmth and allow cool till bright again.

Cut the potatoes into portions of the equal size - chips or cubes - of your choice.
While chopping, location it in four cups of water containing 2 tablespoons of salt.
Cut the onions into portions large than the potatoes.

After five mins, drain the potatoes nicely and dry them with paper towels
When the oil is ready (bright) positioned the potatoes and onions withinside the oil. Don't crowd the potatoes. If there is not sufficient room to position them facet with the aid of using facet, allow a number of them prepare dinner dinner, put off to empty on a paper towel after which prepare dinner dinner the rest.  

Cook for approximately four mins on one facet then turn and prepare dinner dinner for every other 2-four mins on the alternative facet.

Drain on a paper towel. Salt and pepper as soon as eliminated from the oil
Decorate and serve hot.

Enjoy !