Candied Pecans

My Salted Pecan Recipe is the ideal candy and savory snack, gift, or pinnacle of salad! They are brief to put together and the ideal appetizer for candy and savory dishes!

In fact, now no longer best are those candied pecans the best, however they are fairly smooth to put together. Today I'm going to share all my favourite ways to revel in those glazed pecans...due to the fact there are so many! This is an smooth recipe I've been making for years, and I'm now no longer positive what took me see you later to share. I use pecans loads in my recipes like cheese pecan pie, caramel espresso pecan cake, and of course my pecan pie recipe.

* To put together this recipe you want the subsequent ingredients:

° Pecans: 2 c
° brown sugar: 1 c
° Salt: 1 teaspoon
° Cinnamon: 1/2 teaspoon
° Water: three tablespoons

* Let's do it:

Step 1:
First you want to cook over medium warmness till melted.
Step 2: You want to feature the walnuts and cook for two minutes.
Step three: Finally, cool on parchment paper and

Enjoy !