My high-quality buddy turned into telling me approximately the plush chocolate her own circle of relatives might be making at own circle of relatives gatherings for some months.   We were together last night looking for an interesting recipe in my pantry.I found a few packs of caramel pudding.You call my name directly.Caramel pudding is my favorite dessert flavor.It can be very rich and creamy. This exquisite layered dessert turned into the whole lot I want it turned into, and more.I know this recipe might be amazing.    

Simple and easy!All my relatives like this recipe very much, if it is for them, I can make it every day! Try it, you will like it! To put together this recipe, you'll want the subsequent ingredients:
* Ingredients :

Graham cracker crust:
° 1.6 cups crackers graham , Crushed
° 1 stick (12 cups) butter, melted
° half cup sugar
Cream cheese layer:
° 1 package (eight ounces) soft cream cheese
° 2 cups heavy cream
° 1/four cup sugar
Pudding layer:
° 2.five cups of milk
° 2 small packs of on the spotaneous pudding
° Whipped cream layer:
° 1 cup heavy cream
° three tablespoons of powdered sugar
Lids (optional) ~
° Butterscotch ice cream takes first place
° Chocolate bar, shaved
* Instructions :

Graham cracker crust:
Heaat oven 350 degres F . Mixing graham cracker crumbs with melted butter & sugar.
Press blending into backside of an 8 x 8 baking dish. Baking for 15 minutes.

Cream cheese layer:
Using a hand mixer to overcome cream cheese also sugar until the mixture is fluffy.
Adding 2 cups cream also beat TO stiff peaks form.
Placing a layer over cooled cracker  graham crust.

Pudding layer:
Whisking milk & pudding mixture. You need it thicker than traditional pudding, however now no longer so thick which you cannot pour or clean out the pudding layer.Spread on the cheese layer.Fresh cream layer:  Stir the fresh cream and powdered sugar until soft peaks are formed.Spreading on top of pudding layer.Chill in the refrigerator for four hours or until they harden.Optional (optional): There are  hot caramel nozzles on the top.
Sprinkling grated chocolate pieces.

Enjoy !