7 easy to make exquisite bread


Simple and brief to make on the baker: wonder your visitors via way of means of getting ready scrumptious and crunchy home made bread for unforgettable meals.

* Ingredients: 

° flour 500 g 
° 10 g salt 
° water 
° baker's yeast 10 g 
° olive oil 2 tablespoons 

*  Preparation:

Put the baker's yeast and salt in a bowl.Melt two ingredients in a some warm water. Put flour on a piece floor and shape a well. Add the compound (yeast, salt, water) and olive oil. to merge everything.increase warm water until dough becomes a ball that won't stiick to your hands.Knead the dough and disperse the air so that it flows in.Putting dough in a bowl also cover it with a cloth.

Let it stand in a room at a temperature of nineteen to 20 ° C for approximately three hours. The bread dough will expand.Take  dough and knead it on floured base.Shap bread dough & placing  bread ON a floured baking pan.Covering bread with a cloth again also let it sit for  an 1h .

Heat the oven to a hundred seventy five stages Celsius.The bread will expand again. Before setting it withinside the oven, make slits at the bread. Cook for forty minutes.End  When the baked goods are ready, turn them over to prevent the bottom from getting wet.

Enjoy !